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Outdoor Signs

What are the different types of outdoor signs you provide?

The different types of outdoor signs we provide are:

1) Highway Signs

2) Storefront Signs

3) Construction Site & Hoarding

4) Yard & Lawn Signs

5) Sandwich Boards

We provide in 2 sizes – Small: 1.5′ x 2′ / Large: 2′ x 3′

6) Flag Banners

7) Banners

8) Window Decals – opaque, transparent or perforated.

9) Vehicle Decals

What are the different types of materials you use for outdoor signs?

For outdoor signs, we using the following types of materials:

1) Coroplast

This has 2 layers of polypropylene with channels/flutes in between (similar to the look of cardboard). This is the least expensive material but not as long lasting as the other materials we provide. This is commonly used in sandwich boards, lawn signs, real estate signs, etc.

2) Polystyrene

Polystyrene is a synthetic polymer made from styrene monomer, which is a liquid petrochemical. It is a stable, non-toxic, durable plastic.

3) ACP

ACP has 2 layers of aluminum composite sandwiches around a layer of low density polyethylene (LDPE). We sell ACP in 2 thicknesses of 1/8″ or 1/4″, and whether there will be 1-sided or 2-sided printing required.

4) Woven Vinyl

This is primarily used in our outdoor or indoor banners. We also sew ropes into the banners for hanging purposes.

5) Vinyl

This is used for window or vehicle decals, and we provide the vinyl in white, reflective or transparent. We use high quality vinyl called Rapid Air which minimizes bubbles when applying.

We also provide provide perforated vinyl for vehicle and store windows to provide a level of privacy and sunlight protection, but still able to look out the window from the inside. Ratios of print material to perforations are 50/50 (used for vehicles as this provides the most ability to see out), 60/40, 70/30 or 80/30 with progressive privacy and sunlight blockage but less ability to see clearly out from the inside.

We also provide a dry-erase vinyl which is great for using on sandwich boards if the customer wishes to change a message frequently (i.e. daily specials, menu items, etc.)

6) Hard Styrofoam

We use this when producing dimensional or channel letters.

Can I have my sign cut to a different shape than square, round or rectangle?

Yes, you can have your sign cut into any shape you want up to a maximum size of 4’x8′.

How do you finish outdoor signs to minimize wear from weather conditions?

We apply either laminate or 1-2 coats of clear-coat.

Do you install the outdoor signs?

In the local area of Grand Forks or Boundary BC REgion, we can install all storefront, window decals, vehicle decals (sides of vehicles only) up to a maximum height of 10′.

For other types of installation, we can partner with local contractors or the customer can make their own arrangements.

Will I need municipal approval for my outdoor sign?

This will depend on the zoning and by-laws for your location and each new installation will need to be reviewed by your city hall.

If you will be installing a highway sign, you will need to review and get approval from both your city and highways department for any permits required which will depend on how close the sign will be to the highway.

Indoor Signs

What are the different types of indoor signs?

The different types of indoor signs we provide are:

1) Canvas Wraps

Bring in any high-res image you want to have it professionally displayed in any size larger than 10″.

2) Wayfinding

3) COVID-19 signage

4) Digital Signage

5) Same material as used in outdoor signage

Coroplast, Polystyrene and ACP

6) Wood Carvings

7) Engraved metal

8) Wide Format Printing & Murals

9) Banners

10) Pop-Up Banners

11) Flag banners

12) Trade Show Signage

Will you install indoor signs?

In the local area of Grand Forks and Boundary Region of BC, we can install up to a maximum height of 10′.

For other types of installation, we can partner with local contractors or the customer can make their own arrangements.

Illuminated Signs

What are the different types of illuminated signs?

We specify the best quality from our suppliers and that in turn enables us to provide top quality, long lasting illuminated signage that stands out from the ordinary.

The different types of illuminated signs we provide are:

1) Lightbox Signs or Cabinet Signs

These are a simple design structure with inside illumination. Internal LED lights shine through a transparent panel.

This panel has your company’s branding, logo, name, or other such information. Surprisingly affordable, these signs stand out well during the day and night when the light comes on.

These can also be customized to a shaped sign working with the constraints of the cabinet metal.

2) Front-Lit Channel Letter Signs

Front-lit channel signs have a bold, prominent effect, which is why it is one of the most popular lighted sign designs today. All the elements are illuminated from the front, which ensures their different colors really shine through. These signs can be used in both indoor and outdoor displays.

3) Edge-Lit

These are illuminated signs where the light source comes from the outside of the sign face along one or more of the edges. The light is then shined back onto the sign face. The LEDs shine into a diffuser, which allows the light to be dispersed evenly across the image.

We produce these signs illuminated with bright LumiLED Piranha LEDs. We have developed and produced these signs for a myriad of applications and have shipped them to happy customers across North America. 

4) Backlit / Reverse-Lit / Halo-Lit  Signs

Different names for the same type of sign. These signs have an ethereal appearance, which is perfect for brands aiming for a more sophisticated look.

Every single letter or element has an illuminated background and can be clearly seen from a distance.

With a lot more control in lighting and colours than a simple lightbox sign, these halo-lit signs have a more distinguished look.

These signs are custom designed to suit our customer’s requirements then produced in-house utilizing the latest is superior LED technology.

All signs are customizable and our team will be happy to assist you in the process.


Do you look after the electrical connection(s)?

We work with local electrical contractors to arrange any electrical connections necessary. Or the customer can make their own arrangements.

How do I get municipal approval for my outdoor illuminated sign?

If this is a new sign, depending on the zoning and bylaws for your location you may need a building permit and will need to work with your city hall.

Do you produce neon or thermoform signs?

No, we do not provide neon or thermoform signs which are special applications needing specilized manufacturing processes.

Dimensional Signs

What are the different types of dimensional signs?

The different types of dimensional signs we provide are:

1) Channel Letters

These are raised letters with or without illumination used indoors or outdoors.

2) Multi-Dimensional

These are signs where there are muliple design elements built in layers on top of each other for indoor or outdoor use. The image to the left is an example of multi dimensional layers.

3) Dimensional Image Printing

These signs are printed from our UV flat-bed printer which applies multiple layers of ink to mapped out images letting you feel the different raised areas of an image.

For instance you can feel the whiskers of a cat picture.

4) Wood Carvings

We can carve wood using vector image designs using our router in any size up to a maximum of 4’x8′.

What materials are used in dimensional signs?

For dimensional printing, we print on Polystyrene.

We carve with any soft type of wood that is easily carved.

For channel letters or layered dimensional signage, we use hard styrofoam or plastic.

Digital Signs

What are the different types of digital signs?

There are 4 main categories of digital signs we sell:

1) Indoor Screen (i.e. 55″ TV or Monitor)

The applications for this would be your menu boards, doctor’s office waiting rooms, recreational facilities, etc.

2) Indoor LED Panels (each 20″ x 20″)

These panels would be put together like lego to make a larger ‘screen’. With today’s technology, they fit within 1 mm so you can’t really see the seams making it look like one big scren

This would be used for conferences, meetings, musical and other venues.

3) Outdoor LED Panels (each 20″ x 20″)

These would be put together the same as for the indoor panels but all the electrical wiring is waterproof with NEMA compliance.

4) Custom Transparent Through Glass

These are LED signs mounted on the inside of an office or store area facing the outside as a display. You can see through them from the inside, but on the outside, you wil see video content.

Can I remotely update my digital sign real-time?

Yes you can. We connect a device to the digital display unit that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with instant updating.

What types of content can I use with a digital sign?

The types of content you can upload to your digital sign includes everything from video, to images to text to spreadsheet interaction.

Window Decals & graphics

What different types of window decals can I get?

We provide window decals in either solid pieces or with text / design elements cut out. These can be printed in any colour range.

There are several options to choose from:

1) Solid Vinyl

This is opaque vinyl that you cannot see through and is the most commonly used for window decals.

2) Transparent Vinyl

This is transparent vinyl that has a somewhat ‘frosty’ apparance that offers some visibility through it. We can print on this in any colour range and also lay down a layer of transparent white for the background giving it an even more ‘frosty’ look.

3) Perforated Vinyl

Perforated vinyl offers a level of privacy and sunlight blockage for your store or office windows making it difficult to see in, but you can still see out.

It comes in different ratios of print area to perforation as follows:

a) 50/50

This provides the most ability to see through the vinyl from the inside and is excellent for vehicle windows. But this offers the least amount of privacy and sunlight blockage.

b) 60/40

This offers a higher level of priacy and sun blockage, but reduces the ability to see out clearly.

c) 70/30

This offers yet more privacy and sun blockage, but reducing further the ability to see out from the inside.

d) 80/20

This is the highest print ratio offering the maximum in privacy and sun blockage, yet giving some ability to still see out from the inside of the window.

Do you install the window decals?

Yes we can install your window decals up to 10′ in height. We clean the windows with a special cleaner to ensure maximum adhesiveness. We also strive to ensure that your decal is as bubble free as possible when installing it. Labour charges will apply.

Vehicle Decals & graphics

What different types of vehicle decals do you provide?

We provide vehicle graphics and decals, but not vehicle wraps.

We can provide perforated vinyl for the rear windows and regular vinyl for the outside of the vehicle.

The decals can be solid pieces or have the text and design elements cut out.

At this time, we can only install on the sides of the vehicle.

If you want to apply decals on the hood, roof or trunk of your vehicle, then you will have to your body shop install it for you as they would have the appropriate equipment to enable them to mount on the flat surfaces.

Do you provide vehicle wraps?

At this time, we do not provide vehicle wraps, only graphics and decals.

Will you install the decals on my vehicle?

Yes, we can install your decals for you only on the sides of a vehicle, not on flatter surfaces such as the hood, roof or trunk.

Your body shop should be able to install decals on your vehicle’s flat surfaces.

Labour charges would apply.

Canvas Wraps

Can you make one of my photos into a canvas wrap?

Yes, we do that for you. In addition, if you would like us to edit, tweak or enhance your photo before printing, we can do that too.

Can I have any size of canvas wrap?

Yes, we can build the frame to fit the dimension ratio of your photo.

If you want to make the canvas wrap a different ratio of width to height, then we would have to edit your photo to fit.

Our smallest size is 8″ x 10″.

Can I use an image I downloaded from the internet?

The only image we can print from is one that is royalty-free or where we or you have a license to it.

Specialty Items

Do you provide wood carvings?

With our router we can carve out any vector-based design from any soft wood.

Do you produce metal engraved signs?

With our laser printer, we can engrave any metal for a sign, plaque, etc.

Do you produce edge-lit displays?

We can etch any vector-based design into acrylic using our router. The LED light display stand can have one or multi-coloured lights.

Can you put decals on t-shirts, hoodies or caps?

We can apply decals to your t-shirts, hoodies and hats with our heat-press machine.

Can you produce magnets for kitchen or other use?

Yes we can print magnets.

Do you make plasma-cut metal signs?

Yes, we can cut aluminum metal signs with our router based on vector-based designs.

We can leave the aluminum unfinished to give it that rusted look, or we can paint the sign black or any colour you want.

Printing & Copying Services

What are the different types of printing services you offer?

We can print the following:

1) Business Cards

2) Marketing Material such as flyers, brochures, etc.

3) Posters

4) Blueprints

5) Banners

6) Documents including coil-bound.

7) Menus

8) Carbon Copy Forms

What is the minimum image quality you need to print from?

We will need a high-resolution image so that it doesn’t pixelate when printing

For a 5″ x 7″ print, the image resolution should be 1024 x 768 pixels minimum. For an 8″ x 10″ print, the image resolution should be 1536 x 1024 pixels minimum.

Images over 3000 pixels in height or width can work for larger projects.

The pixels per inch should be a minimum of 150 but 300 is preferred.

What are the different paper types you offer?

1) Business Cards

We use a 130 lb matte cardstock for business cards.

2) Posters

We use intermediate grade of poster paper.

3) Flyers & Brochures

We use 80lb glossy paper.

Can you do wide format printing?

Yes we can do wide format printing.

Either send us a high resolution photo of the item you want to print or bring the time in and we can take a high res photo of it, or send us the digital files. 

The widest we can print is 52.5″ wide.

logo & Graphic Design Services

What types of graphic design services do you offer?

1) Logo Design

We can design from scratch or refresh your logo as part of your rebranding process for your organization.

We will provide the original files and file types for you to use on your website, social media platforms and printing purposes.

2) Photo Editing

We can edit your photo by lightening it if it is too dark; eliminate small blemishes or spots; crop out backgrounds; adjust colouring; and many more tweaks we can perform.

3) Sign Set up

As part of our services, we will design your sign for you. Our current promotion includes free graphic design services for sign orders until December 2021.

4) Marketing Material

We will design your flyers, mailers, brochures or other marketing material for you.

Do you do logo design?

Yes we provide logo design services as part of creating or refreshing your branding process.

As part of the finished product, we will send you the original files along with files you can use for your website and social media platforms.

Can you edit my photo?

We can edit your photo by lightening it if it is too dark; eliminate small blemishes or spots; crop out backgrounds; adjust colouring; and many more tweaks we can perform.

Cactus Creek Signs

What different types of surfaces can you print on?

We can print on the following:

1) Paper & Cardstock & Poster paper

2) Canvas

3) Vinyl

4) Woven Vinyl

5) Coroplast

6) Polystyrene which is also used for dimensional printing

7) ACP – 1/8″ or 1/4″ thick

8) Glass

9) Metal

Can you engrave signs?

Yes, we can engrave wood with our router and engrave metal with our laser printer.

Do you ship nationally? Internationally?

Yes we can ship anywhere within Canada and the U.S.A.

What types of printers and technology do you use?

We have the following equipment in our production facility:

1) Mimaki JFX200-2513EX flat bed UV printer

2) Mimaki CJV30-160 wide format solvent ink printer – Roll-to-Roll

3) Summa vinyl cutter

4) Red Sail laser engraving machine 

5) CNC Router

6) Xerox C60 printing and copying machine

Do you warranty your work?

We stand behind our workmanship and endeavour to make sure that each and every client is completely satisfied with their sign or print product.